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Photo courtesy of Margie Woods

Matt Rollings is the most talented, versatile, harmonically sophisticated and tasteful musician I know… that’s not hyperbolic-  I f*#king mean it!
– Don Was

Matt Rollings is an essential part of my music and has been since 1983 when I first met him. I can’t imagine playing music without him.
– Lyle Lovett

“For me, making music is about risk and surrender. The risk is jumping into something, a conversation, an exploration, a solo, with full commitment, when I don’t really know how it will turn out. The surrender is knowing that only when I leap do I find the magic. And the magic is in those moments when somehow we lift off the ground, held by an experience bigger than we could imagine. It comes down to believing that even if I don’t know what to play, I can trust that the music will tell me.” – Matt Rollings

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Willie Nelson’s “Summertime”, produced by Buddy Cannon and Matt Rollings wins Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Album!

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Welcome to AskMattRollings!

For years people have been asking me questions about what I do; my approach to playing piano, parts I’ve played on records, songs I’ve written, records I’ve produced. I’ve always tried to answer as best I could, but I can only say so much in an email or a Facebook post. So I’ve decided to dedicate a new, dynamic space in my online world to answering your questions! As a member of AskMattRollings, you can ask me anything music related, and I will do my best to give you a complete and thoughtful answer.

Every week I will post videos from the Practice Room with answers to as many of your questions as possible. I will be playing, discussing my approach, and in general having a lot of fun! As a member, you will also get priority access to upcoming AskMattRollings Live Masterclasses, and other special events.

Teaching, for me, has always been about learning. So I want this to be a place where not only you can learn from me, but I can learn from you as well. AskMattRollings is a place for us to keep learning about music, together. So sign up and join me, and let the conversation begin!

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