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For years people have been asking me questions about what I do; my approach to playing piano, parts I’ve played on records, songs I’ve written, records I’ve produced. I’ve always tried to answer as best I could, but I can only say so much in an email or a Facebook post. So I’ve decided to dedicate a new, dynamic space in my online world to answering your questions! As a member of AskMattRollings, you can ask me anything music related, and I will do my best to give you a complete and thoughtful answer.

Every week I will post videos from the Practice Room with answers to as many of your questions as possible. I will be playing, discussing my approach, and in general having a lot of fun! As a member, you will also get priority access to upcoming AskMattRollings Live Masterclasses, and other special events.

Teaching, for me, has always been about learning. So I want this to be a place where not only you can learn from me, but I can learn from you as well. AskMattRollings is a place for us to keep learning about music, together. So sign up and join me, and let the conversation begin!