Matt featured on ACME RADIO LIVE – “The Side Men”

This Saturday, Feb. 4th at 2pm, Matt will be the featured guest on Acme Radio Live’s hit show, The Side Men. Legendary steel guitarist Bruce Bouton hosts this wonderful show, which every week features a musician  known for their work as a “side man”. Bruce and Matt will talk about Matt’s 30+ years in the music business and play excerpts from some of the recordings he has become known for, as well as discuss some of his touring experience, and his new AskMattRollings  video series.

The Side Men spotlights Nashville’s best session musicians by featuring their history, recordings and interviews. Bruce and his guests give listeners a new perspective on their favorite artists and songs via the guys and gals that backed the stars.

The Sidemen has become one of Acme Radio Live’s most listened to shows all around the world, and Matt is truly thrilled to be this week’s guest.

Tune in, Saturday at 2pm, to hear this great show

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